I’m depressed today.


This time I am writing this while I’m in school, and that’s a big part of why the title is what it is- I’m joking! Kind of… THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO JOKE OK I’M SORRY.

I don’t label myself as depressed, and I am not depressed, thank God, but sometimes when I wake up my brain just feels like this black hole of nothingness and I have this weird heavy feeling on my chest throughout the whole day-…it ain’t lovely. 

For me, the weather has a big impact on my mood, but it usually doesn’t have to do with the weather, it could be 100% sunny and I’d still be in bed covered in 100 layers of food packages and with no will to get up and live life~ which…is something normal for me anyway… (I need to stop making jokes in serious situations but I can’t help it)

When these “episodes” happen, I just don’t feel like talking to anybody, I want to be left alone with my thoughts, and at the same time I want to speak to people and socialise just to take my mind off it. It’s as complicated as it sounds.

I don’t necessarly feel the need to cry, I’m just not up to anything that I would usually be doing on a daily basis.

Every time this happens people think I am sad and they ask me “Hey, are you okay?” and I’m like, “Well, yeah, just today I’m not.” And that is totally normal, like, it’s normal to not be happy every single day. You guys should not fake happiness if you don’t feel like it, and you should take me as a “what not to do” example and go speak to someone about it, cause talking really helps in situations like this.

Today was one of those days.

There you have it, a cheeky little begining of weekend post, hope you guys enjoyed my little rant (I always do this I’m a really mad person apparently) and I hope I will have time to write more in the feature. See ya, byeee~Summerhype Out.


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