Summer thoughts in October.


It’s been a while. Again. Before calling the police on me, let me just say I am really really REALLY sorry that I don’t get to post that often, but it’s not even the middle of the semester, and I’m already starting to lose hope for everything. (#relatable for all the kids out there).

Have you ever gotten that nostalgia feeling, when you miss a person very much that you probably haven’t gotten to see in a while, or maybe you miss a certain feeling, of extreme happiness as an example.

I get this feeling a couple of times per day/week/month, and every time I think about everything that happened this summer, I want to re-live it, even if it’s not a very pleasant memory, it’s still part of my life, part of what I learned. I just came to realize that every single day you learn something, and you will soon be ready to take on the world, not necessarily alone, I feel like friends are a big part of anyone’s life, but you need to get ready for whatever is out there.

You make the best memories while being close to people that matter to you, I’ve come to realize. Doesn’t matter where you are, as long as the people that you feel most comfortable around are there with you, ready to talk about even the most insignificant things, just because it’s you guys, and you know each other very well, and you’d do anything for each other.

This summer I got to spend so much time with my friends and I’m not going to lie to you, I miss those times. And that’s totally normal. After school started we barely even talked anymore, and I miss talking to them. A lot. If you find yourself in a similar situation, message them. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

There’s been something I wanted to talk about for a while, that has been on my mind. I remember all this amazing stuff that has happened this summer and once the thought of spending the next summer the same way crosses my mind, everything just stops. Next summer I probably won’t be able to go anywhere. Literally anywhere. The reason for that being I will have an itsy bitsy tiny surgery, but the fact that this surgery will be during summer, AND being a pretty important one (rhinoplasty) will just mean that I’ll lose 3 months of my life of creating memories, being stuck in a hospital bed for 2 weeks, just to go home and sit in my bed and do nothing but complain. And look like Void Stiles. But that’s a completely different story (Haha Teen Wolf references!!!).

Everyone tells me that it’s going to be okay and I know that, it’s not the surgery that makes me kind of…not depressed, just a bit sad. It’s just that I wish I will keep in touch with everyone, and get ready as soon as possible.

What y’all have to learn from this? Don’t worry about anything, live your life to the fullest because you never know what will come and stop it! GO LEARN HOW TO RIDE A BIKE OR GO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN (I say this, but it literally lasted 3 days for me, then I went back to sitting in bed all day, eat chips and browse the internet)…Now that I think about it, not much will change!


Thank you all for still reading and not hating me for not posting, I won’t promise that I’ll be posting soon again, but I’ll try my best, just for you guys. Have a good day, aaand I’ll see you next time. Love ya, byeee ~ SummerHype out.cropped-cropped-cropped-summerhype-21.png


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