How to get over someone who’s not into you! (+I’m not dead)


Don’t kill me, please, even though it would be ironic judging by the plus in the title I know it’s been A LOT since the last post but school is a bitch. No one prepared me for this, I never even agreed to go to school!

But that rant is for another day. Anyway, as I was saying, you remember when I told you 10 million years ago about a crush I had? Yeah so, I’ve come to the realization that I am stuck in the friend zone at the moment. Well, I knew this for a couple (pun) of months now but this love-life drama really isn’t for me.

I’m sure a lot of you have gone or are still going through something like this and some things that might actually help you get through this situation are going to be listed below, here we go!

1. Make a playlist including songs that match your mood.


This sounds stupid and all but music can actually make you feel better, especially when it speaks to you on a high level. (my English skills have evolved, meanwhile)

I suggest you listen to sad songs when you’re feeling sad and happy songs when you’re feeling happy, that way you can relate to the singer a lot and not swear at Pharrell Williams for being happy. (pun #2)

2. Come clean about your feelings.


Being honest about how you feel about a person is a really big step. If you keep everything inside you and not tell anyone anything, oh honey, that’s a big mistake and you ain’t getting over him/her too soon.

3. Realize it’s not you.

tenor (1).gif

One of the hardest parts about getting over someone is realizing what’s wrong with you. The truth is there is NOTHING wrong with you. Really, nothing. Took me a while to realize that. You might want to find out why this person doesn’t like you the way you like them but the truth is they are simply not attracted to you. I know, acceptance is hard, but we can do this. We’re getting there.

4. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

giphy (1).gif

Don’t you dare change yourself just to be liked by someone. Changing yourself might get you the person you want to be with, but you’ll be unhappy and in a non-healthy relationship. And that’s not good. If that person doesn’t like you for who you are, then bring up your middle fingers and walk away.

5. Reduce spending time talking to them.

tenor (2).gif

Don’t lie to me, when you saw that one notification on your phone saying that he started typing something on Snapchat, you got excited. But you know who isn’t happy with what you did? Dua Lipa. Leave this person alone for 3 days. If they text you. it means that they missed you and they are worth your time. If not, why do you even bother?


Having said that, here’s today’s post. Sorry, again, for being absent for…a lot of time. I promise I will try posting more on weekends and all that. Love Y’all, byeee ~ SummerHype Out.




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