School survival tutorial.

Stop right there! Listen to this while reading! Imagine Dragons – Whatever it takes


I am currently terrified because I start 10th grade in two days and I ain’t ready at all, and I’m sure y’all are at least as panicked as I am. There gotta be a moment in your life, usually by the end of summer, when you just sit and stare at a wall contemplating all that happened that summer and wanting it to come back…No? Is that just me? Ok.

School is a really important part of anyone’s life, as it teaches us very useful stuff that we will definitely use each and every single day. BULLSHIT. IT’S ALL BULLSHIT. But you can actually get through this hell with a couple of tips and tricks here and there. Here we go! *inspirational music*

1. Take notes.

Starting off with the obvious, the most important part of actually not failing class is taking notes…and learning them. Of course. It ain’t gonna work if you are gonna stare at your notebook and hope the text is going to tattoo itself onto your brain…I…tried that. Sadly didn’t work.

The point is, if you listen carefully and take notes, you will be surprised by how easy it would be later to learn, cause you will remember stuff from before, in class.


2. Divide your time.

Now. Tell me. How much time do you actually spend every day on your phone/computer? I personally might as well insert myself in my phone cause I spent so much time on it this summer, that I am part of that virtual world. The thing is, the internet is a wonderful place and I bet some of you are procrastinating right now reading this, and I totally understand! I do that! Always…The story of my life.

What you have to do is divide your time into small pieces. Give yourself 15 minutes, let’s say, for learning, then take a small pause (5-10 minutes), awarding yourself (eating or spending time on your phone. Or both. If you’re like me).


3. Do not pressure yourself.

I understand that sometimes you just feel like doing something more in your free time, for example, I want to start an art course…again. I’m…pretty lazy if you couldn’t tell by now.

As I was saying, these things matter a lot for your personal development but sometimes school does not allow that. There’s this bitch called homework. I say you should go out there and join some clubs or just extracurricular activities in general because sometimes they can be fun!…this is me showing off cause I won second place in a drawing contest at school. MOVING ON.

4. Believe in yourself.

Some of you must think that I’m out of ideas, and that’s why I’m writing this (4) right now…well I mean you’re not wrong, but this one’s actually pretty important.

The whole deal with school is that it’s stressful. Teachers can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and that is not good for anyone’s health. What you have to do is take a deep breath, relax, and think I got this. GO THROUGH HELL AND BACK! PROVE THEM WRONG!

…are we at 600 words yet?



I’m joking, I’m joking. But yeah, these are the most important tips I could give you. Hope I helped y’all a bit, aaand I’ll see you next time! Byeee ~ SummerHype out.





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