Hello, Autumn!

I’ll let you make fun of me all you want for a couple of seconds, just cause my username is Summerhype and I chose to end my posts saying “Summerhype Out”. Which is true. Rip Summer. 

…I can’t take credit for that. A friend told me that.

Anyway, Autumn is here which means school is starting…which means tests and exams are coming…I’m gonna fall into an existential crisis after this.

As with summer, I have a bucket list I wanted to share with you guys today. Here we go!

1. Getting better grades.

School can be tough, especially when you’re in the first year of high school (a totally new experience), but it’s not impossible. I believe that anyone can cross their limits, and get even better at something by trying a little bit harder. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the queen of procrastinating, but with a bit of will, we, the procrastinators, can do anything!…this is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever said.

2. Socialising more.

This kind of contradicts my first point, but what I mean by socialising more is that I want to talk to people, not necessarily meet new people, but at least keep in touch with my old friends. I’m not saying that I’m gonna throw all my school work on a side, don’t get me wrong, education will be my first priority, but sometimes you just want to remind yourself that you are surrounded by people whom you have grown attached to in time. It’s super important to have a couple of friends. Not a lot of them, but some close friends that you know you can always rely on.

3. Decorating my room in order to make it match the season.

I am such a big fan of fairy lights. You know, the ones which you hang up on your bed.

SLF-40-TYW-Warm-White-Fairy-Lights_P1.jpg I won’t necessarily hang them up my bed, but I definitely want them to hang somewhere around the room. Maybe around the mirror that I don’t have yet. That’s a work in progress.

The thing is I have never done this kind of things, like, decorate my room especially for the season, but it sounds extremely fun to do and it’s a totally new thing to try out, so I thought, why not? Candles would also be a very interesting decorative touch, as well as other things, but I’m not gonna bore y’all with my interior designing.

I also want to buy cranium decorations…just let that sink in, ’cause my mum thinks I’m insane.

Golden-font-b-Skull-b-font-Head-1-1-Life-Size-Hand-Made-Decoration-Collection-Home.jpg BUT COME ON, TELL ME THEY DON’T LOOK AWESOME.

4. Master my photography game.

If there is one thing that I love in autumn, it’s the view. Just, imagine all those cute photos that could be taken of trees and fallen leaves etc. I reallyyy hope I’ll get to actually go out one day and take some pictures for you guys. I’ll probably do an autumn haul as well. Who knows? *wink wink*

5. Attend a fall festival

Now, I don’t know if this is actually going to happen at any point this fall, but I’m keeping my thoughts up. I’ve never gone to a fall festival before, and as I said, new experiences sound exciting af.


Yeah, so there you have it! There is my bucket list for this autumn. My birthday is also very very soon (the 7th of November 😉 ) and that’s nice. Anyway, this was all for today, I hope y’all enjoyed it, and I’ll see you in the next one. Byeee ~ SummerHype out. literally




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