The truth behind having a crush.


I’m gonna get real with ya for a second.

I’ve never had a boyfriend (like, a real relationship) but what I’ve had were crushes. A lot of them. Now. What’s the definition of a crush?

A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, NEVER mistaken a crush for love. Literally, a crush can develop into true love in time, or it can just wear away. I feel like you just have to be honest when it comes to someone you like. You have to talk to that person about your feelings towards them, and if they are mature enough, they are going to understand (even if they don’t necessarily like you back, but hey, anything is possible with time and patience).

Some people tend to think they have a crush on someone even though they don’t,  just because they got sick of being single, but the thing with a crush is that… to like that person, you gotta be close to them. You have to get to know them better, and who knows? Maybe, in the end, you’ll realise that person isn’t who you are looking for. (Or maybe it is)

I, for example, am an idiot. I don’t get if people try to flirt with me or just joke around (which is one of the many reasons I’m as single as I can be). Maybe I got it all wrong from that one message you sent me using the kissy face emoji. I’m a basic white girl and I tend to think about it non-stop, for, like, a month.

Don’t wait for them to make a move for a long time. If you care too much and they don’t, you are just going to get your heart broken, and we all know how that goes.

Then again, either way, you have to be honest. I know, it sounds scary and… it is, but this will make you feel relieved, despite the answer. Go ahead and share your feelings with your crush after making sure you truly like them. I believe in you.

There’s that. After that emotional speech, it’s time to joke around a bit.

YOU! Yeah, you!

Do you have a crush on someone you think/know you don’t have a chance with? Well, no worries! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to forget that person! (100% works!!!)

  1. Move schools/ city. You don’t want to meet your crush who you’re trying to forget by every corner, do you?
  2. Change your identity. This helps a lot when getting over someone. Just change your name and every single social media page you have, and you’re done!
  3. Eat ice cream and watch Netflix all day. Eating is a very good way to just swallow your feelings! So go ahead, you too can start eating your feelings away and forget about everybody! (Pro tip: crying also helps sometimes)

Don’t worry. I’m only joking. (maybe)

I hope I helped you a bit with this post…or not, as I suck at giving advice.

But yeah, this post was a pretty deep one. Hopefully, I didn’t bore you with my rants. I promise I’m going back to posting unoriginal content and stupid sarcastic jokes now. Bye. ~ Summerhype out.




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