The Joy Of Illness.


And welcome back. Today I actually had something different in mind, I was going to bake some muffins and I was actually excited buuuut I woke up this morning realizing I am VERY ill and instead of burning the house down I thought THIS was a better idea.

Yeah so I don’t know how or why this happened but I was like “Well shit, I gotta rant about it” and what a better way to do it than to write a blog about it! *inappropriate sneezing*

Firstly, let me just tell you.

I have a whole drawer full of medicine and literally none of it fucking works. Like, it’s the same thing but in different packages and with different shitty flavors!

Honestly, if I’d ever had to guess what death smells like, I’d say it smells like the whole medicine I have around my house.


If it were during school, I’d probably be way more relaxed and I wouldn’t really care, but being summer I feel like I’m a useless vegetable.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying “Just find some things to do to get your mind off it”. I TRIED EVERYTHING.

I was watching something this morning, for example, and felt like my body was trying to sabotage me by making me cough out my own lungs.

I was trying SO HARD to listen and actually pay attention while my brain was going “ahkefbekwavfkkawfwe” inside my head.

HERE COMES THE FUN PART: I was done with everything so I decided to drink some hot milk because y’know, maybe it will help my throat not to literally fall off as it was huRTING SO MUCH. I prepared the milk without setting my whole house on fire and I took a sip…big mistake. As soon as it went down my throat, I could feel it burn and sting and hurt all at the same time, so as I was standing there in the middle of the kitchen making faces that would give people the impression that I was being possessed or something, the cup of milk spilled all over my feet….cool.

I was literally standing there, not doing anything, just processing what just happened, with not only a burning throat but burning toes as well….What you should learn out of this story is DON’T RUSH TO DRINK MILK BECAUSE IT’S HOT. But let’s be honest, I’m probably the only one who does this, I’m an idiot.

So yeah, hopefully, this rant/story time made you feel better about yourself, just remember there is always worse! *pointing at myself*

Oh did you hear that? Yeah, that’s my self-esteem…burning…in flames. Just like my toes.

Anyway, I promise you the baking post will be here as soon as I will stop coughing and sneezing on everyone. Cyaaa ~ SummerHype out.



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