Top 5 TV Shows that you should totally check out.

Hello loves, it is I, back at it again with a blog post. I am SO excited for this one, and I have SO much to tell you, but before we start…

IT’S BLOODY AUGUST! Time went by so fast, it feels surreal. I am not ready for summer to end, and at the same time (gotta get that double end and) I want Christmas to arrive faster (mainly cause I might do a look book in December COUGHS)

Enough chatting let’s go!

5. The Flash.

This one is definitely one of my favorites, and it hurts to put it on the 5th place.

The whole plot is about a guy called Barry Allen, who is hit by lightning, and he gains super powers. I can’t say much, as I’ll be spoiling the whole show (which has a pretty goddamn good and a bit confusing story), but I definitely recommend it.

The spirit of heroism is actually strong with this one, which is important to any superhero endeavor. I personally think Grant Gustin kills it as the Flash, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to take his place.


4. Arrow.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Another frikin’ superhero TV show. Let me just explain myself before anything else.

I’ve only watched the first season of it, but it already caught my attention and I actually like it very much. Arrow is a good twist to the TV shows I’ve watched lately. Just a few catch my attention, as I’d rather spend my time playing games and/or reading books. I love the Heroic vibe, without the classic drama. All I was looking for was something to make me stoked, and Arrow did the trick just fine.

Great action, great plot, great characters. What else would you want more?


3. Shadowhunters.

My friend got me into this TV show a long time ago, and I gotta admit, I really did enjoy it. (even though in the latest episode shit went down and I can’t even). What is Shadowhunters really about?

Clary’s mother disappeared, and she must venture into the dark world of demons, and embrace her new role among the Shadowhunters. Ok makes sense. But what exactly is a shadow hunter?

*nerdy glasses equipped* Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with angel blood. They have fought demons and lived alongside Downworlders in the Shadow World for well over a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

Yeah. That’s it.

The plot is well written, and I assure you, you will get attached to the characters quickly.


2. Riverdale.

Ahaa I think some of you saw this coming. As quoted by the famous Evan Edinger: “It’s so bad but I can’t stop watching…”

The show is full of drama and mystery, and I love that. Also, dID I MENTION COLE SPROUSE. While you watch–which you will, since this show is addictive–it’s as if Riverdale is growing up fast before our eyes, like a clever teenager who’s already grown-up enough to know she should keep her secrets to herself.


1. Teen Wolf.

I’m probably going to cry while writing the review for this one, as it’s ending, but I’ll try staying strong for y’all.

We have this guy named Scott Mccall. We have a pack. We have humans, werewolves, werecoyotes, banshees and more. But most importantly: we have FEELS.

Don’t judge this series from the title. Please simply don’t. The story line is pretty much satisfying and definitely improves through out the show. The actors are amazing. Characters do develop through the second season. They become more appealing and sincere. This show makes you want to be a part of it. A part of that world, their world.

Are you still here? Go and start watching.



That’s a wrap! I reallyyy hope you enjoyed this one, I’ve had a very good time writing this (obviously). ~ SummerHype out.



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