Why Does Everyone Hate Jake Paul?

Heeellooo, and welcome back. I never thought this day would come. I can actually roast Jake Paul without feeling sorry about it.


I’m sure you heard about this guy at some point in your life, either in a good or bad way. Everything started in May 2017, when this Jake Paul guy posted a video called “It’s everyday bro”.

faceplam-picard.jpg Yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘But whats so bad about that’? Well well well. Let me just make a list to express my opinion about this…wonderful…human being in a fancy way.

1. The lyrics make absolutely NO SENSE.

And I just drop some new merch
And they are selling like a God church

Please. Help me understand.

Fame got into his head so deep that now he ain’t thinking straight anymore.

What Jake is talking about in this first verse is how he passed all his competition on youtube (he has around 9 million subs) and that the next person he is coming for is Pewdiepie (he has around 56 million subs). Excuse me, are we just going to forget about the other youtubers who have 14 million or 17 million and all that?

Here is a conspiracy theory I thought about: What if, he used PEWDIEPIE so Felix would notice him and make a video about him on purpose so he would become even more popular? Just think about it.

Felix actually put Jake Paul in the title of his videos 3 times. The dedication he put in those videos to low key high key hate on him was amazing.

Oh, one more thing.

England is my city.

The guy who said this, Nick Crompton, also accidentally admitted that Jake’s pranks are actually fake.

That’s all I have to say.


Logan Paul, Jake’s older brother, wasn’t impressed with his brother’s song “It’s everyday bro”. After some fans showed it to him, his reaction was pretty goddamn understandable.

Jake, bro, what the hell are you doing?

Jake took it really personally, so he actually made a diss track called “Logang sucks”, in which he tried to roast Logan. Key word tried.

2. Disney contract (ended up getting fired)

After Logan found out about this diss track Jake made, he created one as well, “The fall of Jake Paul”, in which he pretty much destroyed Jake. After MORE drama with Alissia Violet (Jake’s ex, that he cheated on), everything seemed to be coming back to normal…until Jake got fired by Disney Channel (he used to be an actor in the TV show Bizardvaark) but he bullshitted his way out of this situation by saying he left on his own.

Disney is known for firing people for their smallest mistakes, so what the hell took them so long with Jake? They probably wouldn’t even have done it, until a certain video was posted.

3. Getting arrested “prank”

The reason for this is that his neighbors got SO SICK of him and his “pranks” that they actually ended up calling the police. Now, I’m not saying that this isn’t true. If Jake Paul was living somewhere near me I would have called the police too, but he seriously took it to a whole new level.


This pranks got seriously out of hand, and they become more and more stupid every day (bro). You can easily tell these are scripted, and not genuine.

Do I seriously have to come up with any more arguments on why Jake Paul is a shit person? Cause I do have more.

4. His relationship status.

This isn’t really exposing that much, it’s just showing how cringy it can get with Jake.

As I was saying earlier, Jake has had a girlfriend named Allisa Violet, whom he has cheated on with the infamous Tessa Brooks. (If you want more in-depth about who she is, just listen to “It’s everyday bro”. It should explain everything.). However, Jake’s actual girlfriend (for now) is Erika Costell.


They have made a video in which they got “married” and from then on, they kept addressing each other as “wife” and “husband”. You might think this is cute and all, but getting together with a person and fake marrying each other after a month only, is just desperate. Sorry, Jake.

Don’t think that Alissa Violet is any better though. I understand that she had to be in Logan’s diss track cause he asked her to, but making a diss track with Ricegum for Jake was just too much, showing how petty she actually is.

This isn’t an Alissa Violet expose post tho, so that’s all I have to say about her for now.

At some point, Jake and Erika (Jerika, exactly) posted a video in which they were on holiday. ( Jerika – Cringe worthy material )


5. Mr. “Good at everything”.

I don’t understand why Jack thinks he is the best at everything. Like, yeah, I got it, you tried to be an actor, and it would’ve worked out for you if you wouldn’t have transformed into an actual asshole that you are.

Not everyone can rap. Logan, for example, he isn’t the next Eminem, but at least he sounds more natural when he raps, and his lyrics make sense, unlike his brother’s.

Logan tried to bring Jake back to reality but hasn’t succeeded at all.

At this point, I feel like Jake and Logan are acting like friends on camera, and are actually hating each other IRL.



So yeah, there you have it. All the reasons (or at least the important ones) that show who Jake Paul really is. I wanted to write this for a while but never actually had time. Now I went and spilled ALLL the tea 🙂 ~ SummerHype out.











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