Top 5 Horror movies that actually made me have nightmares.

Hello everyone, SummerHype here. Let’s talk about horror movies.

I personally enjoy watching them. A lot. I never watch them alone though, only if I have a death wish or something. Lately, I actually had the courage to go outside (I know, shocker) and watch horror movies at the cinema. I got screamed at by many ghosts and demons, which explains my hearing loss a lot.

5. Rings 3.

This was one of the first movies I went to at an actual cinema. I never usually go, I prefer watching them at home, with friends, for obvious reasons. I think most of you already know what’s the deal with this movie, but that won’t stop me from spilling alllll the tea that made me actually put in on the 5th place on this list.

maxresdefault     The deal about all of this is that if one person is seeing a certain video, they have 7 days to show it to another person, which saves them from dying, and so on. The first impression of the characters was…something. Throughout the whole movie, I can’t say I actually liked one of the main characters, which is Julia.

I found her quite annoying, trying to solve everything on her own and NEVER listening to anybody (Low-key reminding me of myself).

The movie itself, however, wasn’t as full of jump-scares as I thought it would be. I actually jumped at slammed doors and high pitched screams (Goddamn it, Julia).

RINGS, (AKA THE RING 3), MATILDA ANNA INGRID LUTZ, 2017. PH: QUANTRELL COLBERT/© PARAMOUNTBy the end of the movie, I actually ended up hoping the demon lady (name’s Samara) would win. But then again, the plot twists made me re-think my life choices (and spray my house with holy water).

4. The conjuring.



I personally think that you shouldn’t be too scared when watching this one. There aren’t that many jump-scares, mainly loud noises caused by doors slamming (again) and pictures falling off walls (ehh, just the wind).

The whole deal about this movie is that a family moves into a new house, and that new house is the place where people committed suicide. How bloody convenient (Get it? Bloody? Death? No? Ok…). The action is pretty predictable, which makes the movie less scary than it starts off as.

The conjuring is connected to the movie Anabelle. You can see a couple of scenes showing Anabelle and explaining her story, and later in the movie, the actual demon from The Conjuring is holding Anabelle (as in the picture below) which is by far one of the creepiest scenes in the whole movie.

By the end of the movie, everything comes back to normal, but to be honest, if I were those people, I would move the fuck out as soon as possible. Like seriously, who comes up with the idea “Oh! Let’s move into a house which looks like it hasn’t been renovated in a decade, and is also in the middle of the forest!”

Okay, rant over.

3. Mama.

This movie was…a total disappointment in my opinion. This movie was as well watched at home, with friends. It was ranked pretty high on the website we looked it up on, but in reality, it was something completely different.

Why is THIS movie on the third place if it’s so shit you ask? Strap yourselves in because the juMP-SCARES WILL BE AROUND EVERY CORNER.

hqdefault.jpgDespite the other two movies, this one is ACTUALLY terrifying. The story however, is not presented that clearly, I had to look up the actual summary of the movie (a couple of times) just to understand it (which I totally did by the time I’ve watched it, but my wonderful short memory strikes again).

Everything you need to know is that the movie is about a mother who died, and she is trying hard to save her child (she is also a bit insane, being in love with one of the main characters).

This movie deserves the third place by the fact that it has everything that a horror movie should have. The only objection I have to make is about the story layout.

I’d recommend you wouldn’t watch this one alone, this is like a trigger warning.

2. The Forest.

Now, THIS is what I’m talking about. After watching this, I slept with my lights on 3 days in a row. The story is well told and the jump scares are pretty goddamn scary. THE-FOREST-movie-poster-2016-2.jpgI’d re-watch this movie any day (I’m a liar. I wouldn’t watch it unless I have someone to punch when there is a jump-scare) and never get bored of it. I love commenting on movies and pointing out what’s good and bad about them, but personally, this one is almost perfect.

Even though I’m fangirling over it a lot, it’s not for everyone.  It’s disturbingly manipulative and yet totally conventional. It is more memorable for being opportunistic than truly frightening.

Drum roll, please…

1. As above so below.

This is it. The moment you were all waiting for.

This is honestly the best horror movie I have ever seen so far. Even though it did come out a couple of years ago, it’s still catching your attention and making you not stop watching.

It has everything. Jump-scares, gore, interesting story. I don’t recommend watching alone (again), but it really is interesting. As soon as the group of people enters the catacombs of Paris, things start happening. And there is a lot of fun involved. Can we also talk about the fact that this is an actual place to visit? The set up of the movie is promising as well, cause the catacombs can be pretty scary. Therefore, a lot of ingredients for a good horror movie.



That is all for this week’s blog, I really hope you enjoyed it ❤ (this is also my first ever blog, so if it’s quality is shit, I’m sorry) ~ SummerHype out

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