Books that I have read more than once.

Hello everybody, it is I, Riley, back at it again.

Let me just get this straight, I am a nerd. I enjoy fangirling about everything (more or less) so get ready to either be scared or relate. Enjoy!

5dcana.jpg……I don’t regret anything.

1. Jenny Han – The Summer I Turned Pretty/ It’s Not Summer Without You/ We’ll Always Have Summer.


It all started when a very good friend of mine gave me this particular book which had all three books in one. It has around 800 pages in total, and it is absolutely wonderful. Jenny has a type of writing that makes you want to read more and never stop (I might or might have not finished the first book in one day).


The stories are connected. The main character is a girl named Isabelle (Belly) who measures her life in summer. Everything good, everything magical happens between June and August. Winters are just weeks to count until summer comes back again.

Everything is presented in a perfectly detailed way, mixing comedy with drama. The action is also presented clearly.

PS: Yes, the friend I took this from, if you are reading this, I will give this book back to you as soon as possible – it’s been at mines since December.

2. Fangirl.

This book represents each and every fangirl ever. The author, Rainbow Rowell, is keeping it real with this one, showing how awkward it would be for an antisocial teen to go to college AND be forced to make friends since day one by her “cool” twin sister.

The book is around 600 pages long (yes, I know, a lot, but the


letters are pretty big) and if you are like me, and got it from school and had to read it in 3 days…trust me, it is possible.

Rainbow Rowell’s books, in general, didn’t quite catch my attention, not gonna lie. For example, Eleanor & Park. After reading it, I felt like…something was missing. But with Fangirl, it was different. It was by far her best work.




3. The Memory Book.

This one is indeed an adventure. The main character, Sammie, suffers from a rare condition in which, at some point in her life, she will forget everything and everyone. Because of this, she decides to write a book in which she explains every single little thing in detail, so she would remember in the future kind of like a journal but not really.

I would say this book is high-school reading level because of some topics (alcohol and drugs for example), besides that, it is really easy to read and understand. And yes, the book is about an illness. I just need to go and sit in a corner for a while.


IMG_8920     This book will most likely make you cry. Read at your own risk. (I totally suggest you read it though)


4. Girl Online.

I bet a lot of you have heard about this book. (It’s actually a trilogy, but goddamn I only got money for two of them) The author, Zoe Sugg, with other people’s help, managed to write three actually good books.


The story starts off with the main character of it, Penny. She is a photographer with anxiety who has an online persona that no body knows about. She goes by the username “Girl Online”. Everything changes throughout the whole book, making you curious about what would happen next.


5. The London Eye Mystery

The title gives away why I like this book so much. Firstly, let me just tell you how much I love London and everything about England in general.


A young boy with Aspergers. A mystery. An English author.

“What goes up must come down…unless you’re Ted Sparks”

This book really does mix action and comedy, with a little bit of drama and A LOT of cliffhangers. The story is written so smoothly and it is easy to understand for everyone.


That is all for today. I hope y’all enjoyed it! See you next time! ~ SummerHype



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